Message from CEO

Your Energy Partner in Africa

Over the past few years Africa has been experiencing unprecedented economic growth, foreseen to continue, and possibly accelerate over the next decades. This has been accompanied by a strong increase in the demand for energy,which in turn has provided opportunities and, at the same time, led to an increase in competition in the African downstream oil market. These opportunities, needless to say, come with new challenges and more responsibilities particularly with regard to safety and environment.

OiLibya started its presence in Africa over 20 years ago, and has established a strong presence in 18 countries. While continually striving to improve, expand operations and build partnerships in the communities where it operates, the OiLibya team never loses sight of OiLibya’s core values of fair competition, adherence to ethical principles and respect for the communities where it operates. OiLibya has a stringent policy of utmost respect and care for the environment, and under the motto “no one gets hurt”, maintains the highest standards of safety for its employees and the community as a whole. OiLibya teams are an integral part of these communities, with over 1500 employees and an estimated additional 20,000 indirect jobs provided by the Group. OiLibya’s aim is to invest in Africa’s future and to be Your Energy Partner in Africa.